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Getting the Lines Just Right on The Board

A whiteboard can be used as a canvas in the classroom, in businesses, or in homes to make announcements or to display artwork. You can make designs for holidays or special occasions. A benefit of using this kind of board is that you can easily erase the design and add another instead of leaving the art permanently in place.

If you have the whiteboard in a classroom, then consider letting each student create a design that is displayed, changing the design each day so that everyone has a chance for their creation to be on the board. October is a fun month of the year with Halloween and the leaves on the trees changing colors. Use the time to teach children how the leaves change colors by drawing green trees as well as those that have leaves that are yellow, orange, and red.

Tie in witches and cats by drawing a haunted house with a witch flying over. Another fun Halloween whiteboard art design is of a witch with her cat by her side. There are several ways that you can design the witch so that she’s scary or playful so that younger children can enjoy looking at the drawing. Add highlights of colors in the eyes and on areas of the house in the background so that it looks like there are lights on at night.

Another idea is to create pumpkins on the whiteboard for October. This is a fun way to promote special events at a business or to let other people know about some of the people who are in the classroom. Pumpkins can be designed using different colors, and they can be designed in all sizes if you want to showcase multiple bits and pieces of information at one time. Keep in mind that black often shows up better on a whiteboard, so you might want to consider adding minor details in color when you draw pumpkins.

If you’re not accustomed to drawing on a whiteboard, there are a few tips to keep in mind so that your images and the words that you write are displayed as you want. Avoid rushing while you’re writing or drawing. The markers used on the board can sometimes smear, and the images that you want to draw might not come across as you intend. Make each line crisp and deliberate, even if it takes a little longer to complete your display. If you’re letting other people help with your images, then make sure that they know where you’re going to draw on the board and exactly what kind of image you want.

Use markers that are made for the whiteboard. Markers that have a chiseled tip work best. Make sure the colors are bright and show up on the board as some markers of this type tend to dry out faster than others. Practice writing on a piece of paper before writing on a whiteboard so that it looks professional and so that other people can read …